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We can all do our bit to contribute towards a more sustainable future for the event industry and the next generation of event professionals. We can't change the world overnight, but if we all take small steps within industry and our working day, we can protect and clean up the environment.


At Trident, one of our stakeholders, many of their independent venues are making massive strides within their approach to greener events and higher sustainability credentials, but many buyers are totally unaware of what is happening. Working with a team of passionate event professionals, our MICEgreen initiative is designed to help buyers discover green venues, make small changes to their working practices, embrace new ideas and work towards a green accreditation to share with clients and colleagues alike. Together we can work towards a greener future. 

How It Works...

  • Complete the pledge form below and you will be asked to make a small donation depending on your circumstances. We will then contact you directly.

  • Each small step you take towards a more sustainable future, adds another leaf to your personal MICEgreen Tree. The more full of leaves your tree is - the better.


  • Each quarter we will issue a survey for you to complete and your actions earn you additional leaves for your tree. Not only will we PR these, they will eventually lead to your very own accredited MICEgreen Award.

  • Our appointed panel of industry professionals will assess your journey, offer help and advice and through our detailed online resource, enable you to discover how to deliver greener and more sustainable events, or improve your venue's carbon footprint. 

  • MICEgreen is not for profit, and your small pledge and contribution will help us to run this important initiative - and any residual monies left at the end of the year will be used for charitable initiatives and educational events designed to help the industry be a little greener all round. 

  • Small changes by us all, can lead to a big collective difference to the future. One leaf may not seem like much, but together they make a thriving and strong tree.

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  What Happens Next?

You will receive a confirmation email from us in due course, asking for a copy of your logo and a few details about your organisation. We will also send you a MICEgreen logo to add to your website and email signature.

Then, once a quarter, you will receive a link to a survey to complete letting us know which actions you have undertaken in the last three months. Each action will earn you a leaf or several leaves which will then be added to your own online tree. The greener your tree becomes the further along you are towards your very own green accreditation. 

MICEgreen is being run for passion not for profit so be kind as we grow as a company. Please do get in touch with our Marketing and Administration Officer if you have any questions at