There are many different actions you can take to earn another leaf on your journey towards becoming an accredited Green Venue. Below we have listed many different changes you can make to your venue to contribute towards your green journey and helps you edge closer to becoming a greener venue that works for clients, attracts more business and develops a long term sustainable future.



Allocate an Allotment: If you have enough space then why not turn part of your  grounds in to a small allotment, herb or vegetable garden. If you don't have room, then why not collecively sponsor an allotment or green space. Partner with a local community group who might be passionate about this and will work for the odd lunch. Fresher for you and your guests.



Ban the Buffet: To reduce food waste, consider looking at greener options for catering such as bowl food or bento boxes because left over buffet food is rarely able to be donated because it has been out for a significant amount of time.

Bee Hives: You don't need a lot of room to install a beehive at your venue and the benefits to both the planet and your guests will be substantial honey and pollination!

Change Direction: Update the directions on your website to promote public transport and walking distances by giving advice on the nearest transport stops near you rather than only informing them of the time it would take to drive to your venue.

Ditch Disposables: Disposable shampoo, soap, lotions and even coffee packaging can all wreak havoc on the environment and create a lot of waste, so think about offering these items in bulk dispensers or switching to natural and organic toiletries.

Event Sheets: Forget printing out event sheets for your C&B and Front of House teams and instead get a free App or online platform that everyone can access and update.

Food Cycle:  You can investigate local charities such as Food Cycle to donate any left over food from events. Work with your venue to make sure they adopt this policy.

Get a Green Team: Invite a few members of your team to be the 'Green Team' and ask them to look at ideas and initiatives to help evaluate your green progress.

Keep it Local: Try and use local suppliers, especially when it comes to food and drink, and use seasonable produce on your menus.

Lable Your Bins: Try installing multiple bins that provide all of your staff with recycling options as well as general waste. Ensure the signs are clear and precise.

Lights Out:  Along with your team and staff members, spend five minutes at the end of the day to do a quick check around your office to make sure no lights or applicances have been left on where not needed. Save energy and save money.

Menu Matters: Reprinting your menus can be expensive and unneccessary, espcially if you are adapting it on a seasonable basis - invest in a blackboard or go digital.

Milk Monitor: Instead of the little plastic milk containers on bedroom refreshment trays, have a few milk dispensers on bedroom floors and a recyclable/ reusable bottle in bedrooms for guests.

Pass on the Paperwork: Contracts, Invites, Invoices, Promotional Information and RFP's can all be sent via email so no need to print them out and waste paper.

Promotional Products: Do you really need to take another pen or pack of post it notes to your next sales meeting? Why not instead offer to make a donation to charity or offer to take your client a tin or item of clothing which can be donated to a local foodbank or shelter.

ReUse Linens & Towels: Make guests aware that you will not change linens or towels unless requested.

Swap the Straws: Get rid of plastic straws and change to recycleable paper, bamboo reusable or compostible corn-starch ones.

Take the Train: Do you really need to drive to your next sales meeting?

Venue Info: Brochures and booklets detailing your venue or portfolio might be useful but quickly go out of date so make an impact with your presentation and make the information easily accessible online.

Welcome Cards: It's great to have a welcome card for important guests but pop a messge on the TV and save a tree.

What's in a Name? Delegate badges are essential for large events but why not investigate greener options such as corn-starch badges which are compostable. 

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